Project RushTest (РашТест) is targeted to improve customer service standards, to establish an association of independent Mystery Buyers, to set an advisory service. We work all over the world.

At the moment the project RushTest (РашТест) work in offline mode. More than 300 people from Russia and other countries have already joined our project.

If you think that your rights are not respected – our task is to collect evidence, to draw the attention of the public, to get a decent compensation for you, to control improvements in the organization on the issue. Our contacts: sobad@rushtest.ru or 8-499-737-17-32. Thank you!

If you want to participate in our project (for example, as an independent Mystery Buyer) – please contact us via test@rushtest.ru or 8-499-737-17-32. You will be informed about the mandatory training, rules of association, the steps and the selection criteria.

We are glad to cooperation with activists from around the world! Thank you!

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